Does your group or organization need to raise money for something special?RJ’s All Natural Gourmet Dips can help!

RJ’s All Natural Gourmet Dips can help!

When you choose to sell products that people are really hungry for, (no pun intended), you will find out how easy it can be to realize big profits on your next fundraiser!

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A Little Bit About How It Works

We are truly honored to have been given the opportunity to help with many successful fundraising campaigns for schools, churches and various organizations such as Race for the Cure Events (breast cancer awareness), Boy Scouts and individual fundraising needs such as Cancer Patients needing help with medical bills and support.

No group is too large or too small. We work on an individual basis with each group to design and implement a program based on the individual needs of the group. We want you to be successful and we make every effort to ensure that you are. Below are a few of the details, depending on your specific needs, of what might be expected when you choose RJ’s All Natural Gourmet Dips for your next Fundraising Campaign.

First, the good stuff . . .

Profits = 50% of Sales!

With that out of the way, on to a few more of the details:

Pre-Event Sampling

Based on location and availability of staff, we offer options for on-site sampling. If you choose to plan an Information Night and invite people in to preview the products that will be sold, we will provide samples of all products for taste testing.

In some cases, we come on site to help with the sampling and to answer any questions. This has worked well for larger groups. For example, a school group where there are 100+ participating in the sale. This is nice for parents to be able to come in and see and taste the products their children will be selling.

If we are not able to come on site, we will send products to be made and sampled. We have found that this helps to build awareness of your campaign and your goals. This also provides a level of comfort to those who have had the opportunity to sample the mixes to know they will be providing quality products to family and friends. It also allows them to make suggestions based on their favorites!


Selling Materials

You will receive order forms detailing all of the products available with a sales sheet section for recording sales along with a money collection envelope for each participant. The order forms will be customized for your school, church or organization. Sponsors will receive additional sheets in case extras are needed for “big sellers”.


Campaign Dates

There is no limit on the length of time that you can set for your fundraiser sales although most average a 2-3 week time frame. There are many options available to you. We have worked with some individuals to have sales ongoing over a period of several months with several deliveries set over the course of the selling period.

A good example of this is a fundraiser we did for a group of 5th graders and chaperones at an elementary school trying to raise a large amount of money for each individual to spend a week in Florida. They were going to attend some informational classes and sessions at Epcot and also just enjoy the sun! We opened sales before Halloween and accepted orders throughout the school year.

We set dates to deliver product prior to Thanksgiving, Christmas and a couple of other periodic deliveries after the holidays to accommodate multiple orders from the same individuals. This worked well, allowing people to receive their product to serve for holiday get together and to plan for future needs over the course of the year. Once many tried the products, they came back for a second purchase!


Closing the Sale

We do ask for money up front. The participants collect the funds at the time the orders are placed and all orders and monies are turned in to the fundraiser chairperson by the sales deadline. The fundraiser chairperson will write two checks to RJ’s All Natural Gourmet Dips, one check at the time the actual order for a product is placed and the second check upon delivery. When all orders are tallied we ask for a deposit of 25% of the sales.

For example, if total sales are $2000.00, your group will be receiving $1000.00 of the sales. We will receive a check at this time for $500.00. Upon receipt of your order, the additional 25% of sales ($500.00) will be due to RJ’s All Natural Gourmet Dips. The fundraiser chairperson will have been provided an order sheet for final sales which they will fill out and submit for the quantity required of each item for fulfillment.


Delivery of Product

This will vary depending on the number of participants selling product and an estimate of quantity expected to be sold.
We have a large stock of products available and try to process your orders as quickly as possible, sometimes, in just a matter of a few days. Larger campaigns may require a couple of weeks to process.

All items will be boxed/bagged separately and delivered or shipped to a specified location for distribution. There are special conditions to meet for free shipping/delivery depending on campaign totals. Finalized delivery times and delivery/shipping options will be discussed prior to the setup of the campaign.

If, for some reason, there is a problem with any individual item (hole in bag, wrong product, etc.) we will replace the item or provide the correct item at no additional cost. Shipping of these items will also be free of charge. We guarantee our products 100%!


Contact Information

We are very excited to share our products with you and help with your fundraising needs. If you would like more information on fundraising with RJ’s All Natural Gourmet Dips, please complete the form below and one of our associates will respond to you as soon as possible, or click here to download our fundraising form.

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Thank you for your interest and we look forward to working with you!